Heuer Autavia

Repair of Heuer Autavia Calibre 12. This watch had a problem. The watch was running
fine and “happy ticking” but it lost time and couple oh hours on a day. I have a main rule while doing repairs and overhauls, that is always try to find the issue and what is causing the problem before total dissasembly. In this particullar movement the friction in hand setting mechanism was totally gone. That resulted in fine movement running but without bringing along the hands.

A cool vintage Heuer Autavia that needed a repair. The relumed hands does not look so good but owner wanted them be like that
This intermediate wheel has a cannon pinion with friction and is placed a bit off centre in this calibre. Normally the cannon pinion (minute hand is mounted on the cannon pinion) is placed in the centre of movement.
Under the dial
Parts parts. Calibre 12 has a smart solution with a chronograph module that can be lifted off and put aside.(On the tray in the back with it´s 3 axles, second, minute & hour)
Adjusting tightness off cannon pinion
Intermediate wheel has now a friction for doing it´s job
The cannon pinion
Hands on
A working watch again