Rolex Explorer 1016 Overhaul

Rolex Explorer 1016

On my bench a time ago, a very nice Rolex Explorer I ref. 1016 with two million nine hundred thousand serial number. So according to the lists of production, this watch is from 1972-73. The owner is a young man that inherited this Rolex from his grandfather. What is so special about that? Well the grandfather was a Rolex watchmaker back in the days and through the years he had that opportunity to buy a few Rolex watches within his employment. And so one of them was this 1016. The young man contacted me and asked if I could take care of his Explorer. That would truly be an honor for me.

Old school matte dial
Movement parts ready to be cleaned
Elma junior cleaning machine
It’s all about repair. Here the mainspring barrel will be adjusted to both end and side shake
Pallet fork and escape wheel after epilame treatment
Barrel arbor lubrication
The train wheels in assembly
Just before the dial comes on
Hands on
Ready for final assembly
That original tube
One can not have too many loupes 🧐😉
Tomas with a Tissot Antimagnetique on the wrist

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