Rolex Datejust 116200

Got my hands on one of the very last Rolex Datejust 36 reference 116200, before replaced with the new reference 126200.

The 116200 was equipped with the reliable and robust calibre 3135. The 3135 was introduced in 1988. Since that time it has done a great job inside Rolex watches. Now it is successively being replaced by the new 3235 calibre. The power reserve is now increased to approximately 70 hours. That is achieved by longer mainspring and to make it fit inside the mainspring barrel, the walls of the barrel had to be made thinner. During service the entire barrel with mainspring has to be replaced. That 70h power reserve is great for people who wants to have their watch running even on a Monday morning. Me as many others have no problem at all to start up a new week with winding up the watch and synchronize the hands and date. Why leave the car in the garage with the engine on for couple of days? That is because it’s comfortable maybe? ? A big advantage with the new 3235 is a ball bearing in the oscillating weight, which will reduce the friction dramatically. The rotor axles in the previous Rolex calibres were many times worn out to early and caused problems with the watch running. Well 3235, the future will tell how good you actually are.

And a fullset it will remain for the future
The blue dial and Roulette date. Oyster bracelet with stylish doomed steel bezel is that perfect combo

3135 more info on Bob’s watches and visit also Rolex web to find out more about the new 126200.

Today’s watch

Today I’m connected with my Kronaby Apex 43 mm on black leather strap. Very comfortable combo.

Sapphire crystal and pilot watch inspired dial.

Even if I like mechanical watches, I still appreciate Kronaby’s technology and the connection it gives me through my smartphone. I receive selected notifications by vibrations and don’t need to have the phone in the pocket all day long. Kronaby is a Swedish developed brand from the very beginning.

Adjusting Rolex bracelet

Before removing the screws they need to be heated up for a minute
This platinum bracelet has very innovative ceramic tubes inside to minimize the friction.
Beautiful Rolex Day- Date 40 mm platinum with president bracelet and ice-blue dial