Rolex 6694 repair and service

After a complete service and repair the final adjustment is done. The Vibrograf from ancient times is still doing it´s analog job

This is a fine old Rolex reference 6694 with calibre 1210 from the early 60:s. The watch was in pretty good shape but didn´t keep the time so good anylonger and the winding never did stop. The friction in cannon pinion (hand setting mechanism) was also worn out and very loose in setting of the hands. That was the main reason why this watch lost minutes per hour. So a service with new mainspring, crystal and gaskets was done.

Ready for dismantling
The mainspring was worn out. Up to the left the new is just prepared to be fited in the barrel.
Always cautious treatment of that fragile balance and hairspring
Adjusting tightness of the cannon pinion
Parts ready for cleaning
Assembly time
Fitting the cannon pinion
Date disc
On the dial side
Changing gakets in crown and tube. New crystal is fitted
Dial in very fine condition
Casing up and finito!
Happy ticking!