Wristbuddys for Bands

A Nato strap or maybe a rubber band for my Rolex Sea Dweller? What a great idea and fun with some renewal after many years with the original oyster steel bracelet. So let’s stay within Swedish borders and get some straps from the Stockholm based company Wristbuddys.com

Black rubber strap
James Bond Nylon NATO

Well I’m quite traditional and let’s say a bit conservative so I decided myself on two choices. A black rubber strap and a James Bond Nylon NATO strap. For the ones who fancies colors there is a great choice of different kinds on Wristbuddys.com. Actually I prefer the small gap between case and strap so the rubber strap that I picked is straight by the end. It also features a quick release spring bar system for easier removal and mounting.

Perfect fit of the James Bond style NATO on the Rolex Sea Dweller 16600
20 mm is the size for my Sea Dweller
NATO straps tends to be quite long so the left over has to be folded under the keeper.
Good looking and comfortable buckle

This double loop NATO really raises the watch and makes it stand out. Also it feels secure and comfortable. Black & Grey James Bond style is great looking too and catches people’s attention to the wrist. You can also have one! Just visit www.wristbuddys.com and grab your favorite NATO.

The double loop NATO strap
My Rolex Sea Dweller on a James Bond Nylon NATO from Wristbuddys.com and here correctly folded with the outward tail tuck

Regarding rubber band or strap. Well there are these ones with perfect fit and curved ends towards the fitting of the case. Actually I prefer the look of the straight simple fitting. There will be that small gap/ space between the case and band. An advantage is also an easier and more secure mounting of the band and spring bars with this staright end. So this type of rubber band is what I prefer.

20 mm Black Rubber from Wristbuddys.com
Quick release spring bar system
Very comfortable indeed. Think that this will be my favorite strap for a period
Well it’s all about the gap đŸ˜‰
Powerful steel buckle
Heavy duty tool watch
Well fits well with white shirt also. My Rolex Sea Dweller 16600 & Rubber band from Wristbuddys

Thank you Wristbuddys.com for inspiration and collaboration. Hope to see you guys soon!

Have some inspiration you also and grab a new strap or two on Wristbuddys.com use the code “Chronologica15″ for 15% discount.

President´s Choice

First day at the office! Mr. President Joe Biden spotted wearing a Rolex. Joe Biden is apparently a man who has good taste in timepieces. He is also seen with brands like Omega and Vulcain Cricket, also known as “The President´s Watch”. On casual occasions, even an Apple watch is a practical companion indeed.

Photo: AP/Evan Vucci

As translated from this Swedish advertisement from 1956: “Men who control the fate of the world wear Rolex watches”

1956 Swedish Rolex advertisement

On photo below we can now identify Joe´s Rolex as a Datejust 41 ref. 126300, a steel model with smooth bezel, a Jubilee bracelet and a blue dial with applied baton markers.

Photo: Getty, Alex Wong
Close up on President´s Rolex Photo: Getty, Alex Wong
Rolex Datejust 41 ref. 126300, a steel model with smooth bezel, a Jubilee bracelet and a blue dial

I would love to have Joe Biden on “People & Time” section here. Well that will probably never happen.

Photo: Reuters. Joe wearing an Apple watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Futurematic

I got my hands on this beautiful piece of watch history. Jaeger-LeCoultre E501 Futurematic with the calibre 497. The 50s were for sure significant times of the mechanical watch innovation and development. All times before the quartz revolution that overflowed the world.

On the left side the power indicator is seen
Magazine ad from 1957
The automatic rotor requires motion

Calibre 497 automatic system features a rotor that swings bidirectionally through an angle of about 19 degrees and reversed forth and back in a bumper. Therefore the watch requires more kind of sideway motion to be wounded. From inside it sounds like something is loose but fully normal and understandable. Actually I tested it on my watch “carousel” Bergeon 5511 cyclotest but with bad result. So don’t be scared of my shaking of the Futurematic.

A view of the Futurematic 497
The slide setting button

In a very future matic manner, at these days the watch didn’t had a traditional winding- through the crown- system. Also the setting of the hands function was designed by a sliding button on the back.

37 mm comfortable classic

Yes it is easy indeed to get in love with this beautiful Jaeger-LeCoultre Futurematic. Well unfortunately it has to be returned to the owner after a minor adjustment of the setting mechanism.