During the last year I have been busy with starting up my company and business. Chronologica AB & DinUrmakare.se. Din urmakare can be translated as, Your watchmaker or Deine urmacher in German. DinUrmakare.se is my professional website in Swedish and turns more to the lokal clients.

Allt handlar om Tid – It’s all about Time

DinUrmakare Quickservice is a concept that brings out the watchmaker closer to the clients and customers. Proudly I can claim being probably the first professional watchmaker with a workshop on wheels, at least in Sweden. Me and my wife bought a nice caravan couple of years ago. Maybe already then, in the back of my head I had my idea about a rolling watchmaker. We made an agreement, me and my wife. The caravan can easily be restored from workshop and back into holiday mode.

Dapper dan man in da caravan
DinUrmakare Quickservice
The workbench and equipment
A cold Saturday in April
It’s all about Time
6 AM and on way to the market place
Tomas watchmaker
Early Saturday
Two happy customers
Witchi ALC2000 & Espresso – What else!
DinUrmakare & George Cluny – What else!
advertising campaign in social media
Västra Torget Jönköping
The Saturday market place in Jönköping
George and Elaine
Testing a mechanical watch
Testing a quartz watch
Rainy day no problem
Battery change on a lady Breitling
Keys for Breitling case
The season is over and time to move inside
Tomas and newly restored Omega from the 30s

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