Heuer Monaco relume

Giving some refreshing action to an old and tired Monaco dial. Sometimes just a relume of hands can lift a worn face and improve the appearance.

This dial and hands are in lousy condition and old lume keeps falling off.

Since genuine Monaco parts are very rare on the market, we decided to give this very worn watch a quick fix and better appearance by reluming the hour and minute hand. The owner of this Heuer has worn it almost every day since he bought it new many years ago. He is fully aware that a complete overhaul is very necessary in close future. But that will be a bigger project.

Hands off
Removing old lume
Vintage blend
New lume applied
Face-lift with better appearance
The owner of this Heuer Monaco appreciated this quick fix and can continue to use his watch as he has done since he bought it new back in the days. In future a major restoration will be done