Geneva times

13 years ago Tomas had the opportunity to attend at his first Rolex 3 weeks training course. A great and learnful experience for a watchmaker indeed. The next level was three years later and after that a polishing course in 2016.

The headquarters in Acacias Genève
Tomas the dude at the very right
Swiss indeed
Amazing! The 28:th October and over 20 degrees
Geneva lake 28:th October and people swimming due to a “heat wave” Global warming for sure
Instructions and lessons from 08:00-17:30 Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays off
Lubricate instruction from the microscope
Last day at the bench and return back home

And it was time for level 2 in 2009

View from the elevator
Back home to the brand factory
Tomas the dude third from the left
Learning by doing and taking notes
Rolex Daytona calibre 4030
Instructions about assembly

Training on the correct way of mounting dial and hands on a chronograph.
Adjusting of a clasp
Inside a Sea Dweller Deep Sea case
Lunch is also very necessary
Watchmakers on the top

Polishing course November 2016

Passed the test
Grinding of a bezel
Gustav and Tomas

Keeping up the shape of the case
Time for tapas and beer ?
The headquarters in Geneva

You never actually…

This is one of the best and iconic marketing advertising in the watch industry. ” You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” A campaign that Patek Philippe used for over 20 years. I just love it!

On the back of the europa star magazine
Enjoying some real paper magazine reading

The elegant 50s

Beautiful Ebel advertise from 1956. Ebel is a Swiss luxury watch company, founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy.

Ur Nyheterna Sept. 1956
Svensk Ur och Optik tidning Nr. 12 1962

Well even the traffic wardens were very classy indeed.

Svensk Ur och Optik tidning Nr. 11 1962

Here a Tissot ad with our beautiful and talented actress and singer Monica Zetterlund. Unfortunatelly she is no longer in life but will be rememberd through her beautiful voice.

Svensk Urmakeri tidning Nr. 5 1957

Good design stays forever and like this beautiful Longines that will never be out of time. If you want to buy and search for a Classic Watch it will probably look similar to that Longines from the 50s, for sure.