Vienna Regulator overhaul

I have to admit that overhauling a Vienna Regulator is a quite pleasant job.
A real Vienna is always weight-driven because unlike a spring, a weight provides a consistent power source and due to that a Vienna regulator rarely is timeworn or frayed in bearings and wheel axles. So in most cases the movement just needs to be taken apart and cleaned properly, oiled and adjusted. Commonly, they strike the hours and half hours on a gong or as in this case, the small hammer head hits on a long metal rod, that is attached at the back of the case.
The movement has a deadbeat escapement, which gives better accuracy as the ‘scape wheel is not forced to recoil slightly with each beat of the pendulum, as happens with the more common anchor escapement.
Majority of Vienna Regulatord were not made in Austria but in Germany. The Gustav Becker factory is one of the most known manufacturers.

Beautiful and detailed work in 110cm total length

Nice tick
Fine strike

And some shots from the entire overhaul

Inspection of all parts before cleaning
The drums for train motion and strike mechanism
Keeping order
After proper cleaning in ultrasonic, assembly process
Click mechanism on the drumwheel
The cords are made of animal tendons and very durable and does not to be exchanged this time
All wheels in perfect position
The striking mechanism must be exactly in right position
The cords are fitted
Time for the dial
Preparation of movement and case reunion. Here we can see the metal rod for the striking
Final touch
Adjusting the case and the beat of the ticking
Beautiful details
Winding up with the original crank and the job is done!