Jaeger-LeCoultre Futurematic

I got my hands on this beautiful piece of watch history. Jaeger-LeCoultre E501 Futurematic with the calibre 497. The 50s were for sure significant times of the mechanical watch innovation and development. All times before the quartz revolution that overflowed the world.

On the left side the power indicator is seen
Magazine ad from 1957
The automatic rotor requires motion

Calibre 497 automatic system features a rotor that swings bidirectionally through an angle of about 19 degrees and reversed forth and back in a bumper. Therefore the watch requires more kind of sideway motion to be wounded. From inside it sounds like something is loose but fully normal and understandable. Actually I tested it on my watch “carousel” Bergeon 5511 cyclotest but with bad result. So don’t be scared of my shaking of the Futurematic.

A view of the Futurematic 497
The slide setting button

In a very future matic manner, at these days the watch didn’t had a traditional winding- through the crown- system. Also the setting of the hands function was designed by a sliding button on the back.

37 mm comfortable classic

Yes it is easy indeed to get in love with this beautiful Jaeger-LeCoultre Futurematic. Well unfortunately it has to be returned to the owner after a minor adjustment of the setting mechanism.


The timer is on and a countdown for my new life to begin. After many years as an employed watchmaker at an Rolex AD in a small town in southern part of Sweden, I finally took the decision to resign from my safe and secure job. Some people say that it’s stupid and crazy and in these times of corona etc. Well they might be right, who knows. Actually the decision was made by me a time ago and all way before the corona crisis.

The timer is on

It’s time to be my own boss and time to follow the inner voice. It’s Chronologica time! ⌚ ?

Got myself a new west so what could possibly go wrong

Going through the process is a roller-coaster. From secure salary deposit every month to the bank account and.. Ah well money is not everything in life but hell yeah, they are needed indeed.

Evening by the bench

Yes there will be long days at the work bench. At least they will be spent at my own place. Wish me good luck guys.

And meanwhile writing this blog post that timer didn’t stop

7 of August at 18:00 New life begins