The timer is on and a countdown for my new life to begin. After many years as an employed watchmaker at an Rolex AD in a small town in southern part of Sweden, I finally took the decision to resign from my safe and secure job. Some people say that it’s stupid and crazy and in these times of corona etc. Well they might be right, who knows. Actually the decision was made by me a time ago and all way before the corona crisis.

The timer is on

It’s time to be my own boss and time to follow the inner voice. It’s Chronologica time! ⌚ ?

Got myself a new west so what could possibly go wrong

Going through the process is a roller-coaster. From secure salary deposit every month to the bank account and.. Ah well money is not everything in life but hell yeah, they are needed indeed.

Evening by the bench

Yes there will be long days at the work bench. At least they will be spent at my own place. Wish me good luck guys.

And meanwhile writing this blog post that timer didn’t stop

7 of August at 18:00 New life begins

Giorgia Mondani

Yes! ? More women in the world of watches indeed! Let me present Giorgia Mondani. Giorgia is a very influent businesswoman and she is very active on the social media. As she told the New York Times in her interview, she has always loved watches and she had to fight to enter a male-dominated world. She soon emerged as a key figure in the market, by being a top member at the frequent business meetings around the world – without forgetting the daily management of her publishing house.

Giorgia Mondani wearing Omega Speedmaster

Giorgia Mondani & family are authors and leading publishers in the watch field. Many popular books about Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe are released through Guido Mondani Editore.

Mondani Family books

Giorgia’s absolute favorite watch is actually the wedding gift watch. A Rolex Day Date that has a very special place in her heart ♥

Rolex Day Date reference 118238

” A Rolex! I opened it to find my own dream wedding watch: a Rolex Day-Date Ref. 118238 in yellow gold that I had seen a few months ago in Parma, and had fallen in love with. I could not believe it! The Day-Date model is one of my favorite Rolex typologies because I find it very comfortable and useful: it is a precious watch that tells you the time, the day of the month and the day of the week. Everything I need to know is on my wrist now.”

The wedding watch surprise

Grazie mille Giorgia for being my very special guest here on People & Time!

A worldwide favorite the Rolex GMT ”Pepsi” reference 126710BLRO

Follow Giorgia Mondani on Instagram and on the website ?⌚?

Me and my Rolex

Absolutely my favorite watch. The Sea Dweller 16600 one of the best tool references ever made by Rolex. This particular is the very last V-series before it was discontinued in December 2009.

It has been on my wrist almost everyday since 2009
Here a quick service and adjustment of my own watch for a change

Especially the automatic device needs to be cleaned and lubricated in between the service periods. That is if your watch is exposed to high daily movements and vibrations. Next time it will be a complete overhaul of this 16600.

X-rate of 1+ second per day. Delta 2,3 and amplitude average of 285 degrees is a good result indeed.
On the seaside
Sea Dweller 16600

The original bracelet 93160A is almost always on in between periods with NATO or other stuff. Sometimes it´s nice with changes. The Sea Dweller is a keeper and so it will be.