Avery Milton

My first post is dedicated to a micro brand of watches and quite unknown Avery Milton.

Features like 40 mm case diametre, organic leather strap and glossy, scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Here I´m wearing Como Black Silver/Black.

I must say that I fell in love with the collection from day one when I was presented to Avery Milton and the very nice dedicated team behind the brand. The watches are beautiful. The design is handsome and elegant in it´s simplicity. From the technical point of view I can admit that the watches are well built and with good quality of the components when it comes to a watch in this price range of 300 Euros.

8 mm comfortable thickness fits perfectly with shirt & jacket or a suit.

There are many so called “minimalistic” designed brands out there on the market. Many good looking but with very poor build quality. Avery Milton aims a bit higher. The heart of an Avery Miltonwatch is a Swiss Made Movement, same as used in expensive luxury watches. The case is made of 316L surgical stainless steel which has an extra low carbon content grade and is extremely resistant to corrosion. A significant advantage is that the watches are equipped with sapphire crystal, that has superb transparency and is extraordinary scratch-resistant.

A sturdy Rolex watch & elegant Avery Milton complement each other perfectly. Actually that´s all you probably need in your everyday life.

This is the first 500 edition. A Como Black Silver/Black
No. 014/500. I am very proud to own one of these.

As a watchmaker since 25 years, working with major brands like Rolex and Omega, I reveal quite quickly what´s bad or what´s good. According to my opinion and after examination of the watch, I say that Avery Milton is top top classe in the price range of 300 Euros.
Avery Milton is designed in Sweden.

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